Get Involved

There is no end to the opportunities you have to contribute to your child’s education. Reading with him/her, checking on homework, asking questions about the school day, to name just a few.

Another important way to add to your child’s education is to volunteer your time — at home or in the school — to the many worthwhile programs the PTA helps to make available.

Whether you can contribute one hour a month or take on the chairmanship of a committee, your involvement shows your child you think schooling is important and worth the extra effort.

The PTA is a strictly volunteer organization which depends upon the time of the parents and teachers of the school for its success.  Why not get on board?  Look for volunteer opportunities in the weekly PTA emails, or go to the committee listings and contact a chairperson to offer your help.  Please CONTACT US to get involved.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: All volunteers must complete BCPS Volunteer Training.

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