The CVE PTA invites you to join us in enhancing the educational experience of our children. With your membership pledge, you not only support the local, state, and national PTA, but you will gain the Power To Advocate. The CVE PTA proudly sponsors Family Fun events, educational assemblies, Chess Club, Reflections, and much more!  We need your support to maintain all of our wonderful programs. Additional donations are gratefully accepted and go directly to CVE programs.

Print and return the following document with your membership check to CVE, or complete the online registration below.

Parent PTA Membership Form 2017-2018

Teacher-Staff PTA Membership Form 2017-2018


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Cromwell Valley PTA remains in good standing with the National, State and County PTA. We contribute to their efforts to advocate for our children by sharing more than a third of member dues ($3.72 of $10) as dues to the County, State and National PTA. They support healthy lunches, physical education, adequate budgets and buildings as well as providing valuable information and assistance on issues beyond CVE.


We strive to use our money for the purpose intended: teaching and enrichment of our children. After the PTA dues are paid, over eighty five percent of spending goes to teachers for use in the classroom and to programs like the 5th grade camp, school assemblies, chess club, back to school picnic, Multicultural Fair and Reflections as well as programs for parents (advocacy).


Almost 90 percent of these costs are for providing information and support for our members–the Gigabyte Gazette (newsletter), School Directory, child care at meetings as well as event information and other member support. The necessary insurance and bank charges are kept to about ten percent of administrative costs (less than 1.5% of total spending).


We greatly appreciate and value the dues our members provide. But more than half our income is from fundraisers and donations. Member dues account for just fewer than 20 percent of income and $3.72 of our $10 dues goes to national, state and county PTA dues. Additionally, Family Fun events provide more than half as much as member dues.