Gigabyte Giveaway next week 1/27-1/31

Winners will be announced at Family Fit Night Friday, 1/31

We need help during lunch selling “Chances”. If you can help between 11:15-1:30, we would really appreciate it. Sign-up is below. “Chances” are 50 cents each or 3 for $1.

We are also collecting donations for prizes. Gift cards, Toys, or anything a K-5th grader would love. Please send in by Thursday, January 30th.
Thanks for supporting CVE’s PTA!

Box Tops & Gigabyte Giveaway

** Box Tops
The Box Top Store is Tuesday, January 7th. Attached you will find a “cash for coupons” sheet( if you would like to purchase additional box tops for your child to purchase items at the store. We also included a collection sheet( case you did not get one sent home last week. Please include your child’s name and teacher.

We are in need of help any time between the hours of 10:30-1:30 PM on Tuesday, Jan 7th to help work the store. If you are able to volunteer your time for a bit, please email Laurie Trentler at ( .

Reminder: We are not able to submit expired box tops. We do not get credit for them. Please make sure that you do not include them. Also, if you are able to trim your box tops, it is a HUGE help. Thanks!!!!

** Gigabyte Giveaway
Once again, the faculty and PTA have generously donated some exciting prizes for the annual Gigabyte Giveaway. Every CVE student will receive 10 free chances to enter the drawings of their choice. Teachers will have extra free chances to give to students for rewards for good behavior. We will sell additional chances during all lunch periods Tuesday through Friday (1/28-1/31). We will need help selling “chances” during lunch that week. If you are available to help during lunch or with “behind the scenes” things, please email Laurie Trentler at ( . It is much appreciated!!!

Box Tops

The Box Tops Store is open Tuesday, Sept 24.

To help with the Box Tops please visit

Want to be involved with something your student really enjoys?  Then sign up to help with our popular Box Top Store.  There are so many ways to get involved – from staffing the store and seeing the joy on the children’s faces as they pick out what they want to buy to helping with our new Box Top Store Club to getting the word out about our Box Top program.

With your support, we have raised more than $20K for CVE since 2004 just by purchasing the things we may normally purchase (e.g., food, paper goods, clothing) and clipping those little Box Tops or by playing games, entering promotions and shopping online at marketplace.

So, thanks in advance for taking the next step in showing your commitment to making CVE the best school!

Robyn Hurwitz ( & Laurie Trentler (
Your Box Tops for Education Co-Chairs

New to CVE and want more information on our store?  Read on… 

Students collect those little box tops from various types of packages. Students frequently tape or glue them onto a collection sheet or place them in an envelop/baggie with their name and their teacher’s name and grade written on it so they receive credit.  (Note – if you do shop online through the Box Top for Education Marketplace portal to over 200+ vendors, students may receive credit for box tops earned through those purchases as well. – just ask us how to get credit).

Students then turn their collections into the office the Thursday prior to the store.  On the day of the store (Tuesdays) the students, stop by the store for a few minutes during their lunch period and receive a voucher with the number of box tops he/she has collected written on it. Then they get to SHOP!  There are all sorts of things that the student may purchase, frequently ranging in value from 1 – 50 box tops.  Items vary from stickers to school supplies to slime and from baseball cards to balls and from decorated ducks to bouncing frogs and little animals.  Many of the items are fun and highly sought after. Families will often donate things such as left over goodie-bag items, happy meal toys, or recycled/re-purposed toys that are in good condition.

The money that we raise from our box top program goes directly to the Parent Teacher Association, contributing to our many worthwhile programs.

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