The 2015-2016 PTA Board Slate Is Approved!

2015-2016 PTA BOARD:

Over the past few weeks our nomination committee met and prepared the PTA Board slate for the 2015-2016 school year. Thank you to Lisa Cabalo, Kim Kuhr, Tara Richards, Elise Cloyd, and Mike Middleton for all of your hard work! A general PTA Meeting was held on Friday, May 8th during the Silent Auction and Movie Night to vote on the proposed slate. The 2015-2016 PTA Board will be:
President: Laurie Trentler
Vice President, Advocacy: Tara Richards
Vice President, Communications: Lisa Cabalo
Vice President, Finance: Jennifer Stano
Vice President, Programming: Melinda Boarman
Treasurer: Marisa Ehrlich
Recording Secretary: Elise DeFilippis

A warm welcome goes out to our new board members-Lisa Cabalo, Tara Richards, Melinda Boarman, & Marisa Ehrlich! To those that are moving on-Kim Kuhr, Nancy Smelcer, Jeanne Pinto, & Nicolee Ambrose-thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to CVE and our PTA!

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