Target School Donation

Target launched a new campaign where you can vote for your school to win Target giftcards. You only need 25 votes to win a $25 giftcard for your school, and you can win up $10,000 in giftcards. It’s an easy way to get supplies for your school. CVE’s name is listed in a funky was as “Cromwell Valley Mag Sch-tech” so it’s best to search for it using the 21286 zip code in the zip code search box.


  • robyn

    Hi. Any chance the 9/25 PTA meeting can be rescheduled? Sept 25th is Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Tom

    Yes. The meeting has been rescheduled. Thank you for bringing this conflict to my attention.


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