2009 PTA Spirit of Cromwell Award

Picture 1

A Quiet Man with a lot of Might –

Over the years –

with a peek in the Gym –

you stand there mightily watching the kids.

Running; jumping; building skills –

and of course bringing thrills!

It starts with the youngest –

tying the laces.

And ends with the oldest –

trying your patience!

But all along –

with your quiet might

the kids embrace the physical plight.

The Adventure Gym is all the rage –

an activity to quickly engage.

Young to old they balance and jump –

so as not to fall and avoid the bumps.

Throughout the years –

you have impressed upon the kids to do their best.

In soccer; basketball; relays; and games –

your students truly have gained!

We will miss that peek of you standing so quietly –

while awaiting the next crew –

but we wish you well in all you do.

Written by Margaret Cellucci

2009 PTA Spirit of Cromwell Award

Dr. Ron Reich

Thanks for a great year and see you in August for the Back to School Picnic. More details to come…..

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